Surgical Suction Emivac foot suction

R2,563.36 Incl VAT


The New Emivac boasts several noteworthy features:

1. Maintenance-Free: This device does not require lubrication or battery changes, ensuring it is always ready for use when needed.

2. Portability: The New Emivac is a compact and portable foot-operated suction unit, making it highly suitable for emergency aspiration situations.

3. Versatile Use: It can be employed for gentle aspirations, including tracheal suction, and is suitable for use on small children and adults, providing a suction capacity of up to 300 mmHg.

4. Durable Design: It is equipped with a polycarbonate 400 ml autoclavable jar that includes an overflow valve, enhancing its durability and ease of cleaning.


– Aspiration: -0.40 Bar / -40KPa / -300mm Hg
– Maximum Suction Flow: 22 l/min
– Operation Type: Intermittent Manual
– Weight: 1.15 kg
– Dimensions: 225 x 165 x 85 mm
– Autoclavable Jar Capacity: 400 ml