Syringe Pump – KL-602

R11,170.00 Incl VAT


1. Mold production, good consistency as well as accuracy of injection up to + – 2%;
2. The four work modes and also Six kinds of dosing unit dosing unit;
3. Have the function of Anti – Bolus. Therefore, in blocking the alarm happens automatically release pressure;
4. 3 block pressure alarm, meet the demand of the pressure of different drugs. Hence improve the safety of clinical use;
5. The keyboard lock function, prevent wrong operation. thus promoting higher safety.

Second, KL – 602 injection pump in use is very convenient:

1. Can automatically identify syringe specification. Consequently, is suitable for various brand syringe;
2. The pump body with connection device, any combination, flexible, convenient and also practical;
3. The buttons and shuttle key two operating modes, meet the needs of different users use habits